Lauben Field

Rhein Petroleum holds a 50% non-operated interest in the Lauben licence covering 6.7 sq km (1,648 acres) in the German state of Bayern. The licence is operated by ONEO, and is located in the Molasse Basin of southern Germany, around 200 km south east of the Rhein Graben assets.

The Lauben field is near depletion, with Lauben-7 on production at around 40 stb/d with c.10 bpd of produced water.

Remaining reserves assigned by the independent CPR (SGS 2022) are in the region of 63,000 stb net to Rhein Petroleum and the partnership are investigating the possibility for further development opportunities on the field.

The Lauben field is an unmanned oil producing facility currently producing from a single well, routed to the separator for processing. The separator performs 2-Phase separation with gas produced routed to a heating medium system as a fuel source and the liquid phase is retained in the separator. The Oil/water mixture is road transported to Schwarzbach for separation.