Our Strategy


The Company was originally incorporated in September 2006 and announced its launch as Beacon Energy in November 2022.

Beacon Energy is led by an accomplished team with over 120 years of experience,

The Company is leveraging the expertise of Board and strong industry network to acquire compelling opportunities, aiming to capitalise on new business development from the current deal pipeline.

The Board is focused on capital discipline to sufficient liquidity to deliver an acquisition. Beacon Energy has no debt and low G&A.

The Directors & Management own >3% of Company and are highly motivated to deliver on the strategy.

Growth Strategy

Beacon Energy is targeting the acquisition of discovered resources with focus on cash-generative production.

The Company is capitalising on the current deal pipeline developed over the last year and are targeting production and near-term cash flow with upside potential.

The focus is on high margin assets with attractive fiscal regimes and the Company is actively engaged in an acquisition with these characteristics.

Set to establish a self-funded growth platform

Beacon Energy is set to establish a secure a cash-generative production base as a platform for growth.

The Company has been calling on an extensive industry network and the significant investment made in developing a pipeline of acquisition targets.

Securing cash-generative production allows for a self-financing and debt financing platform to acquire additional assets

The resulting entity from an acquisition will be well positioned to benefit from opportunities resulting from energy transition.

Value Driven

Beacon Energy has no need to be geographically constrained, screening projects purely on value potential rather than specific play-type or basin.

The target is discovered resources in good fiscal regimes, and projects with major value inflection points within a short timeframe. Generally less than 3-5 years out with clear line of sight from the onset.

No high-risk exploration with long time lines to delivery of full value.