German Business Environment

German business environment for hydrocarbon exploration and production

Germany has a long history of hydrocarbon exploration and production which dates to 1858. Peak indigenous oil production was achieved during the 1960’s and gas production in the 1980’s. In 2021 domestic oil and gas production amounted to some 120kboe/d.

The regulatory and fiscal regime for hydrocarbon exploration and production is advantageous in Germany with stable and predictable permitting processes. The regulatory framework is likely to remain supportive given the challenges associated with compromised gas supplies from Russia and the increasing importance for indigenous sources of energy and the environmental benefits of local supply of hydrocarbons over imported products.

The country’s petroleum provinces are found in the Northwest and Northeast German basins, Thuringian Basin, Upper Rhein Graben, and Molasse Basin.

In 2003, a deep well to test geothermal potential serendipitously discovered the Römerberg field which doubled the total recoverable reserves in the German sector of the Upper Rhein Graben in a new play in Triassic reservoirs.